A SPECIAL education centre has been closed despite pleas for a reprieve.

The school attached to Avon Tyrrell Outdoor Centre at Bransgore has closed due to funding issues.The outdoor activity centre is unaffected and remains open as usual.

Earlier this month, head teacher Jake George appealed with UK Youth charity bosses to give them a chance to turn the situation around.

He said eight staff could lose their jobs if the school was to close.

The school provided education for youngsters who were unable to stay in mainstream education, sometimes for behavioural reasons, and needed specialist education.

Along with vocational courses, the facility also gave work experience to youngsters in a bid to boost their motivation and self-confidence.

Mr George said he was worried what would happen to the teenagers if the facility was to close.

A spokesperson for UK Youth said it was with “great regret” that the charity had decided to close the Avon Tyrrell and Bournemouth and Poole Youth Achievement Foundation (YAF).

“A considerable number of young people excluded from mainstream schools and colleges have been given support that has either helped them back into education or onto employment”, the spokesperson added.

“The decision to close the YAF has been reached after recent national government policy changes made the provision financially unsustainable.

“Over the last year the charity has under-written significant losses whilst it sought to secure fresh public and private funds to make the YAF viable and recruit more students.

“UK Youth is very proud of the work we have done since the YAF opened.

“We know there is significant demand for the kind of provision we have created at Avon Tyrrell - sadly there isn’t always the necessary level of funding to go with this.”