A NEW website to help more people become investors in gold has been created by one Bournemouth company for another.

The www.TheBullionCentre.com website has been crafted by Adido, the award-winning Bournemouth digital agency, for 2 Kings, the well-known local fine jewellers.

TheBullionCentre.com site has been developed to help amateur investors and entrepreneurs take advantage of the recent drop in gold prices.

It also allows them to draw on the 2 Kings trading knowledge, hard bargaining skills to get the best prices from the market, and their customer focused approach.

“2 Kings are specialists in buying precious metals and they wanted to share their experience with a wider audience,” said Andy Headington, CEO with Adido.

“Our brief was to make TheBullionCentre.com extremely easy to use. It’s made investing in gold and silver bars and coins as easy as buying it off the shelf. But that’s only happened because of a lot of careful thought, design and coding.

“To create something simple is always a lot of hard work,” he said.

Mike Corica, Director of Operations at The Bullion Centre, said: “Adido is a company we have worked with on many occasions in the past and offer us the ideal solution of an integrated digital design and marketing agency in one place.

“Creating thebullioncentre.com was by far our greatest challenge to date, one where we needed to juggle complex information, like the continually changing gold price and up to minute stock information whilst making the website as easy to use as possible.

“Adido were able to offer us all the solutions we needed and have created a website that has live prices continually updated with the latest market information and created some fantastic user friendly portfolio management tools, all whilst maintaining our goal of a simple to use, hassle free experience for our customers, leaving us to concentrate on what we do best. Offering the best value for money and giving the highest standards of customer service.”

The new easy-to-use site can be found at www.TheBullionCentre.com