A FURIOUS motorist has branded a restricted parking zone in Boscombe “confusing” after being fined.

Ken Cook parked in St James’s Square on February 25 whilst he was picking up his granddaughter from school and received a parking ticket which he has been fighting ever since.

Mr Cook claims he had no idea he was parked illegally as there was no signage or double yellow lines “I parked at 2.55pm, left the car and walked 100 yards or so to pick her up,” he said.

“When we returned about 10 minutes later there was a parking ticket on the car – and another on the car behind too.”

The road is part of a council Home Zone which includes signage warning drivers they are entering an area with restrictions and grey parking bays where they apply.

However, Mr Cook said those unfamiliar with the zone can be easily caught out.

“I didn’t see the signs,” he added. “There is only one sign as you enter the zone and it is easily hidden if there is a large van parked in front of it.

“You have to be really au fait with the rules and regulations to realise there are any parking restrictions at all. It is very confusing.

Mr Cook paid the £35 fine but has repeatedly written to the council disputing the decision without success.

Elaine Smith, deputy parking services manager at Bournemouth council, said the Home Zone was introduced in September 2012 after “extensive consultation” with residents and is now safer for pedestrians and a place which “everyone can use and enjoy”.