AROUND half of a group of caravans and motorhomes based on the park and ride site in Creekmoor have moved off the land.

Borough of Poole have confirmed that there are now 10 caravans left on the site, after a group first headed onto the carpark on the evening of Thursday, August 7.

A spokesperson said that the legal process was underway and the required health and welfare checks have been carried out.

They added: “Skips and toilets are still in place to prevent damage to the environment and reduce the subsequent clean-up costs.

“This is a closed site and hence the travellers are not hindering any planned public events or prevent the use of parking or recreational space.”

Creekmoor ward councillor Judy Butt said that the early concerns from residents are that half of the travellers have moved off to head to the Dorset Steam Fair, while the rest will stay behind to 'keep' the site.

She added: “There is also some litter and rubbish on the site but we don’t know to what extent yet.

"It’s all about securing the site once the travellers have all left or at least delaying them at as little cost to the council as possible.

"We have asked for some boulders or some concrete blocks to go on the outside of the fence, which we are hoping will happen.

"Transportation services have been great and said that they will repair any damage to the site, such as any holes in the fence, once all of the travellers have vacated the site."

She added: "Hopefully an eviction order will be granted at the end of this week or at least early next week."

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