A MOTHER of six from Hamworthy who loves singing and dancing has celebrated turning 102 surrounded by her family at a tea party.

Violet May Jones, better known as Mrs Beare, was surrounded by family and friends to celebrate her special day, at Dorset House Care Home in Poole.

Jackie Beare, daughter-in-law and wife to Violet’s youngest son, Michael, said: “We had a tea party and she danced, which was lovely and she really enjoyed it. She has six children, 13 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

“Her mother was born on Brownsea Island and Violet herself has lived and worked in Poole all her life, where she used to cook and sell cockles and shellfish on the quay.

“During the war, she used to do all the washing for the US Navy in exchange for cans of things like Spam so that she could give them to the children for their dinner.”

Jackie describes her mother-in-law as ‘so lovely’ and says that Violet is someone who is full of pride for her Poole heritage.

“She’s also happiest when she is singing and dancing and her hearing is probably better than mine. She could hear a pin drop.

“Her birthday was on August 3, but the party was held on August 10, so it was almost like she had two birthdays.

“We are all very proud of her and I think that she looks better than when she was 100.”