Purbeck District Council has made a plea to campers to take care when cooking on gas stoves.

Following an incident at Camp Bestival in August 2013, when a festival-goer was airlifted to a specialist burns unit, the council is reminding campers of the dangers of using cooking stove gas cylinders.

Laura Brewer, public health manager at Purbeck District Council, said: “When used correctly, gas stoves are a great way to cook a tasty meal. Taking care and following a few simple steps will help to ensure you have a summer to remember, for the right reasons.

“In particular, using gas cylinders without safety valves can present a real risk, as we saw first-hand at last year’s Camp Bestival.

“With this type of cylinder, a hollow spike punctures the cartridge, which releases gas into the appliance.

“This increases the risk of the highly-inflammable gas escaping if it is not fitted properly.

“Once fitted, the cylinder cannot be removed.”