POOLE man Adrian Walls and his feathered friends will be back on our TV screens on Sunday in the fourth series of The Zoo.

Head of birds at ZSL London Zoo, Adrian, pictured right, who grew up at Poole, will be dealing with a host of cute Humboldt chicks in the first episode of the three part documentary.

A former pupil of Ashdown Technology College at Canford Heath, he started his career at 16 working at Merley Bird Gardens.

Now 41 and living just outside London, he spent nine years gaining all the knowledge he needed about birds before starting work at the world-renowned ZSL London Zoo at Regent’s Park.

He now manages a large team of keepers, looking after more than 100 different species of birds.

In the first episode he is seen getting to grips with a record baby boom at the zoo’s Penguin Beach exhibit.

When 10 baby Humboldt penguins hatch he and his team have to work flat out to cater for the babies.

“Whenever I see the chicks tucking into their food or waddling about I feel like a proud dad,” he said of the South American penguins which normally breed in coastal Peru and Chile.

“It was great having the cameras back. I’m so pleased the whole nation will now see the fantastic progress the chicks have been making.”

After three series, the man who admits to a lifelong passion for bird, has got more used to having a film crew follow him about. “I love being able to talk about and share my dream job,” he said.

The Zoo begins on Sunday at 8pm on ITV and continues on August 17 and 24.