STEVEN PAUL SPENCER aged 39 of Herbert Avenue, Poole. Admitted at Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, using threatening and abusive behaviour towards another person, with intent to cause that person to believe that immediate unlawful violence would be against him. Fined £135. To pay victim surcharge of £20. Costs of £85.

MAURICE WHITE aged 34 of Bowden Road, Poole. Admitted at Holdenhurst Road, stole 71 tubes of superglue to the value of £268.60 belonging to Staples. Committed to prison for four weeks forthwith concurrent. Also admits commission of a further offence during the operational period of a suspended sentence order for an offence of theft from shop x 3. No adjudication, dealt with for original offence. Convicted of original offence in respect of which a suspended sentence order was made on the 31//7/13 that on 10 July 2013 stole suntan lotion, value £39 belonging to Boots, and also on the 5 July 2013 stole a bottle of vodka, value £19.25 belonging to The Co-Op and on the 3 July 2013 stole a cup of sterling coins, value unknown belonging to Costa Coffee. Suspended sentence of imprisonment of 12 weeks suspended for 12 months imposed by East Dorset Magistrates’ Court on 31/7/13 implemented as a sentence of eight weeks. Also admitted on 3/5/13 at Poole Road, Bournemouth, stole two items of No. 7 makeup, value £7 to £10 belonging to Boots the Chemist. Also admitted on 11/9/13 stole 7 x t-shirts, total value £209.93 belonging to Superdry, Old Christchurch Road. On 18/9/13 stole 7 Zovirax creams, value £46.20 belonging to Winton Pharmacy. On 19/6/13 at Poole, the defendant had in his possession 0.25g of diamorphine and 0.55g of cocaine, both class A drugs. Also on 19/6/13 at Poole deposited a clear plastic bag containing two wraps of a brown and white mixture and left it behind a waist high brick wall. On the 26/9/13 stole 2 Citizen watches, value £393 belonging to Roses Jewellers. On the 15/10/13 stole electric toothbrushes and accessories, value £150 belonging to Wilkinsons. On the 10/11/13, stole Philips hair clippers, value unknown, belonging to TK Maxx. On 26/7/13 stole 8 packets of cheese, value £36.49 belonging to Tesco Express. On 20/11/13 stole a charity box containing an unknown quantity of cash belonging to the RSPCA. On 7/9/13 stole a tin of SMA baby milk, value £9.39 belonging to Boots the Chemist. On 13/12/13 stole meat, value £43.12 belonging to Tesco Express. On 29/9/13 stole three boxes of Thorntons chocolates, value £42 belonging to Tesco. On 12/1/14 stole a quantity of chocolate, value £52 belonging to Tesco Express. On 18/1/14 stole six packets of razor blades, value £63.54 belonging to Co-Op. On 14/1/14 stole seven brooches, value £181.65 belonging to Scape Interiors. On 2/1/14 stole a quantity of washing tables and dishwasher tablets, value unknown belonging to Rossmore Service Station. On 27/1/14 stole 30 packs of Superglue, value £270.03 belonging to Staples. On 16/1/14 stole alcohol to the value of £50.50 belonging to Marks and Spencer. On 3/2/14 stole a quantity of meat, value £124.58 belonging to Co-Op. On 21/5/14 stole meat to the value of £37.22 belonging to Lidl Stores. On 2/6/14 stole CCTV system, value £250 belonging to Rexel Senate. Overall length of sentence eight weeks.

ALEXANDER RUSSELL aged 21 of Fitzworth Avenue, Poole. Admitted criminal damage to a property at Millfield, Poole, namely damaged a door to the value of £200. Fined £75. To pay victim surcharge of £20. Costs of £35. Also admits failing to surrender to custody at Bournemouth police station having been released on bail in criminal proceedings. No separate penalty.

THOMAS ANDREW POINTS aged 29 of Bredy Close, Poole. Admitted driving a Vauxhall Vectra on Waterloo Road without third party insurance. Fined £320. To pay victim surcharge of £32. Costs of £85. Licence endorsed with six points.

TREVOR BARRY HOLMES aged 47 of Verulam Road, Poole. Proved in absence of assaulting a man by beating him. Discharged conditionally for 12 months. To pay compensation of £100. To pay victim surcharge of £15. Costs of £375.