COUNCIL officers are set to go to court tomorrow morning to secure an eviction order against the large traveller encampment at Turlin Moor, Hamworthy.

Twenty five caravans and motor homes, with associated vehicles, are currently camped on the recreation ground.

Borough of Poole has provided a skip for the travellers to dump their rubbish, but admits the condition of the site is “deteriorating.”

The first caravans pulled onto the popular public open space last week.

Meanwhile, another group of travellers remain at The Old Camping Field, north of Napier Road, after arriving on Sunday.

However, this land is privately leased, so it is the tenant who is responsible for taking court action, not Borough of Poole. Seven caravans are at this site.

On the Turlin Moor site, a Borough of Poole spokesman confirmed: “There are 25 caravans/motor homes on site. The condition of the site is deteriorating. We have served direction orders. If the travellers fail to move we will go to court Wednesday morning.”

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