A LARGE group of caravans and motorhomes have moved onto land in Turlin Moor in Poole.

Borough of Poole say that they are aware of the unauthorised encampment on the open park land, off Blandford Road and Turlin Road in Hamworthy and confirmed that legal proceedings to move them would be started immediately.

It is believed that many of the travellers made their way onto the site on Thursday evening.

Some of the vehicles are thought to have come from a previous authorised encampment at Slades Farm in Bournemouth, after Bournemouth council obtained a court order for them to be evicted from that site on Thursday afternoon.

Cllr Mike Wilkins, ward councillor for Hamworthy West, said that the council is aware that there are a number of travellers on Turlin Moor Recreation Ground.

He added: “This area is well-used by residents, particularly in the summer months, and so we appreciate the concerns and frustrations that this unauthorised encampment is causing on the local community.

“Officers visited the site and the council is now following the legal process to secure an eviction on this site as soon as is possible.”

Security guards were tasked with manning the entrance of Slades Farm site after the travellers managed to gain access and council workers have since been carrying out the clean-up operation of the leftover rubbish.

Amy McDonald, parks manager for Bournemouth council, confirmed that officers attended Slades Farm yesterday morning and worked to make the area safe.

She added: “There was a considerable amount of waste left behind following the unauthorised encampment.”

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