A DAD who rescued a child from the fast flowing water at Mudeford Quay is calling for more vigilance at the beauty spot.

Simon Stevens, 41, from Mudeford, was walking at the quay with his daughter on Tuesday afternoon when he saw the boy fall into the part of the sea known as The Run.

He said: “We were on a walk when suddenly I saw this young boy fall into the run while crab fishing from the other side. His mum was panicking and trying to get him out.

“I ducked under the rail and held onto it and managed to pull him towards me. Between me and his mum we managed to pull him out. There were plenty of other people there that could have helped but it made me think about how dangerous it could be.”

Despite around 10 signs at the scene warning people about the dangerous water, Mr Stevens said people are still ignoring the dangers.

He added: “They don’t realise how bad that current can be.

“The boy’s mum just said thank you very much. She must have been really shaken up.

“There are signs there but I think they are so spread out people either forget or ignore them.

“Lots of the parents just sit back on the benches watching the youngsters fishing for crabs on the other side of the rails.

Matt Reeks, community and open spaces manager at Christchurch council, said: “There are railings all the way along Mudeford Quay where the Run is – they are there for a reason.

“There is no danger to anyone so long as they stay on the right side of the railings and we would expect parents or guardians to make sure their children stay safe.

“However, we will look at the signs already there and consider whether they need made to be more prominent.”