WORK to widen a footpath in Christchurch will start next month after controversial plans for extensive work were scrapped.

The project to increase the width of the path in Stony Lane, Burton, will see the pavement increased from 0.8metres to 1.5metres under the railway bridge.

Residents have been warned there will be delays on the busy road.

Dorset County Council’s initial proposals to make traffic flow one way were strongly opposed by campaigners, leading to revised plans.

Protests were made by Burton Parish Council, including from chairman Judy Jamieson and county councillor for Burton, David Jones.

A petition was also set up by residents in opposition to the scheme. The newly proposed work will still allow two-way traffic on the road.

Workers will also clear ditches from Stony Lane to help water be carried out after the road was closed for several weeks over the winter due to flooding.

The overgrown vegetation around the bridge will also be tackled.

Andrew Bradley, a management engineer for the county council’s highways team, said: “The work will start on 4 August. We have scheduled three weeks, but we will try and finish quicker than this.

“We will need to have stop and go boards in place during the works.

“There may also be a need for manned traffic lights, but we will try and keep any disruption to a minimum.”

The £20,000 scheme is funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) grant and is part of the Three Towns Travel initiative.