A LARGE insect discovered in a loaf of Kingsmill bread by a teenager in Bournemouth was a fly, tests have revealed.

Samuel Backon from Winton was horrified after discovering what he believed to be a cockroach embedded into a slice of bread while preparing a sandwich on Thursday.

After making the grim find the 18-year-old vegan, who said the creepy crawly was roughly the size of a 50 pence piece, returned the loaf to the Costcutter Store on Ripon Road where he had bought it earlier that day.

Yesterday a spokesman from Allied Bakeries, the parent company of Kingsmill, said: “After receiving Mr Backon's complaint, we collected the product for analysis.

“We can confirm that the object is not a cockroach, but a fly. On initial inspection we believe that the fly has not been baked, and it most likely entered the loaf post production, rather than on our site. We will be able to confirm this after further testing.”