THE travellers who moved onto Beach Road car park, Branksome, Poole, on Friday have left the site.

Borough of Poole confirmed the encampment, including a dozen caravans and two motor homes, moved sometime over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the travellers on land next to homes at Christopher Crescent, Fletsbridge, Poole, have been served with direction orders – and if they don’t leave the site council officials will attended court on Wednesday to seek an eviction notice.

Around a dozen caravans and campervans arrived at Slades Farm in Ensbury Park on Friday evening.

It’s thought a metal chain used to secure the gate to the playing field was removed, a height restrictor was damaged and a boulder moved.

As of Monday lunchtime, the travellers remain at the site, although Bournemouth Borough Council is due to apply for an eviction order today.

Security teams from the council have been positioned at the site since Saturday morning to prevent further vehicles from entering the ground.

Parks manager Andy McDonald said: “Our council officers are aware of the recent unauthorised encampment at Slades Farm.

“They are doing all they can, taking the necessary legal action to move them on as soon as possible. In the meantime, security is on site to monitor the situation.”

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