THE public will be better able to enjoy a Bournemouth beauty spot thanks to the efforts of fundraisers.

The Stour Valley Supporters group has paid for new interpretation boards to provide information about the tree species to be found at Muscliff Arboretum.

Katie Wilkinson, chairman of Stour Valley Supporters, said the group had worked with Bournemouth Borough Council’s countryside team to make the new boards possible.

“There are some beautiful tree species from all around the world in that area but no information about them. We felt it was missing information about the arboretum,” she said.

“We thought ‘We’ve got some money, let’s put it towards some new boards’. We also bought some tree labels for every tree in the arboretum. We also worked with the tree officers in the council to write a management plan specifically for the arboretum.”

The supporters have also helped provide a new web page on Bournemouth council’s parks website.

The Stour Valley Supporters was founded in 2007 to enhance enjoyment of the Stour Valley Local Nature Reserve, which consists of 35 hectares of the River Stour flood plain. The reserve follows a two-mile stretch of the Stour from Northbourne to Muscliff.

The supporters encourage a variety of activity including horse riding, wildlife watching, dog walking, angling, cycling and walking.

North Bournemouth Conservation Volunteers work with the supporters group and the council to preserve the area.

Stour Valley Supporters holds a barbecue and AGM on Friday, August 15, 6.30pm, at Stour Acres Barn, Granby Road. For details, ring 01202 510924.