FRESH calls have been made for the council to implement long-held plans to create new allotments on green belt land.

Muscliff councillors and residents fear their area is being ‘pushed sideways’ and that plans for allotments in Muscliffe Lane in the Muscliffe Farms estate are unlikely to happen.

Bournemouth council has confirmed the site, which has been earmarked for allotments since 2010, is not considered viable and is now looking at an alternative in Throop Road.

Cllr Ron Whittaker, an Independent councillor for Throop and Muscliff, said: “It seems that Muscliffe Lane is now a non-starter, which is a pity after endless years of trying.

“It is a perfect location, an open rural countryside setting and has the peace and space that attracts residents and walkers to the lane. So why after so many years does the authority not want to make good use of the best, top quality agriculture land?”

And Les Deller, a Muscliff resident and former area forum committee member, said residents couldn’t understand why the council was continually ‘putting up barriers’ every time the issue is raised.

He said: “Our green belt is under constant threat and we need to do everything we possibly can to protect it.

“Using it to provide food has got to assist in reducing the risk of the green belt being built on in the future and thereby help preserve the valuable character of this area.”

But Cllr Lawrence Williams, portfolio holder for leisure culture and tourism, said they had considered the site thoroughly.

“In 2010 we identified a site on Muscliffe Lane but after further investigation we found that that this was not a viable option,” he said. “Instead, a site has been identified nearby on Throop Road, which we believe might provide a sustained alternative.

“We take great pride in the quality of Bournemouth’s allotments and will continue to do all we can to meet the demands from residents for these facilities.”