THE owner of this one-of-a-kind silver 2p piece could be minted following its auction next month.

For it is thought that the coin, minted in 1988, could multiply its value many times when it’s sold.

The item will go on sale at the Charterhouse collector’s auction in Sherborne on August 1.

Auctioneer Richard Bromell, said: “I have had an interest in coins for over 40 years, but this 2p takes the biscuit as I have never heard of one before the owner brought it into our salerooms for advice.

“I must admit to being somewhat sceptical at first, thinking it was silver plated which often happens, but it is the real deal.”

He said the item was “difficult to value”.

“Although the owner was offered £2,000 for it in 1988, we have put a more modest estimate on it of £100 to £200 at the auction,” he said.

The man set to benefit from the unique find was running a petrol station in Poole 26 years ago when he opened a new pack of two-penny pieces and noticed one was shiny.

Research established it as a cupro-nickel 2p, likely created when a blank was left inside a barrel during the minting process and stamped along with all the normal copper 2ps.