CONCERNS about Navitus Bay have been put forward by the New Forest National Park Authority.

The organisation said it was particularly concerned the wind turbines were likely to have an effect on the National Park coastline at Keyhaven, both in terms of its natural beauty and people's enjoyment.

The wind park means up to 194 wind turbines could be put off the Dorset and New Forest coast and to the west of the Isle of Wight, with an underground cable connection to the National Grid running through the New Forest National Park to an onshore substation at Mannington, north of Ferndown.

Planning committee chairman Pat Wyeth said: 'The onshore cable route could also have an adverse impact on the landscape of this part of the New Forest, as there is no commitment to replace trees which will be lost and there could be a permanent scar running through the National Park, creating a long-term change in the landscape along the 40 metre-wide cable route.”