DEVELOPERS hoping to build on Bournemouth’s Winter Gardens site have asked residents to tell them what leisure attraction they would like to see there.

The plans have been criticised by Save the Odeon Cinema campaigners, who fear they will include a “bland multiplex cinema”.

But applicants Inland Ltd said they had not yet decided whether the scheme would include a cinema or some other leisure attraction.

Their plans are for a mixed-use scheme that will combine leisure, commercial, a hotel, flats and a public car park.

Mark Gilpin, planning director for Inland, said: “Some people have expressed concerns with the mix of uses. This is something that we cannot avoid as the council’s own policy is for a mixed-use scheme including a range commercial, residential and leisure aspects.

“There has also been some discussion about the operator of the leisure part of the site. It is important to reassure local residents that no final decision has been made regarding the leisure uses. This may or may not include a new multiplex cinema.

“What it is proposed to be is a family-oriented leisure scheme designed to provide all-year-round entertainment for visitors and the present community, with greatly improved and safer public access, creating a new pedestrian-friendly environment to Exeter Road as well as helping the council to bring forward its Grand Garden Walk initiative. We must however await the decision of the planning board on our application.

“We took very useful suggestions from local residents at the exhibition as regards to what they would like to see as a leisure provision.

“We hope to make further announcements about the type of leisure provision decided on the site in due course.”

Any local resident who would like to make a suggestion as to what leisure attraction should be built on the site should email