VOLUNTEER divers are scouring the seabed for an £8,000 prosthetic leg belonging to the founder of an amputee charity.

Roy Wright, 45, lost the limb in the water at Lake Pier, Hamworthy, on Saturday. Within hours news of his plight had travelled across the social network, reaching amateur divers, including the Hamworthy Sub Aqua Club, who have devoted hours to the hunt.

As the Echo went to press the leg, which Roy customised with England football motifs, has not been found – but the divers were due to return last night, and have promised to continue the search.

Roy, from Addlestone in Surrey, said: “They’ve even spoken to someone with a cockleboat who is going to drag the seabed with a net to find it.

“I’m amazed – absolutely amazed – and that’s without all the people on the day who stripped off and searched the water, and all the kids with sticks probing the bottom to see if they could find it.

“It brought a tear to my eye – I felt very humbled.

“It has restored my faith in human nature 100 per cent.”

He also thanked the passer-by who jumped in fully clothed to pull him to safety after he dived off the end of pier, losing the leg and becoming caught in a dangerous current.

Roy, who is setting up a charity to give amputees holidays at Beacon Hill, is struggling on using a painfully ill-fitting spare limb.

He added: “I’m used to being a very active person.

“There is so much I need to do for the charity and this is holding everything up.”