A MAN who was left at the side of the road after a hit-and-run collision later found that his bike had been stolen.

Louis Brown, 25, was cycling down Bath Road in Bournemouth when a car turned across him into Russell Cotes Road.

They collided and Louis was left dazed. To add insult to injury, when he returned to the scene after being treated in hospital, his badly-damaged bike had been stolen.

Louis, a tutor, told the Daily Echo: “The car was on the other side of the road and did a right-hand turn into Russell Cotes Road and that’s when it hit me.

“I had the right of way going down there. I don’t know whether it was a male or female driving. The indicator went on and I thought they had seen me, but then they turned.

“I swerved a little bit, but knew something was going to happen, braced for the impact and went into the side of it.”

Louis, who lives near Bournemouth train station, said he thought the car involved in the collision on Sunday, July 6 was a black Mercedes 4x4.

He added: “I got up and both occupants were out of the car asking me if I was OK.

“I was in shock and dazed. I said to pull up and we would have a chat about my bike, which was badly damaged.

“That’s when they got in their car and left. Another couple, who were walking down the hill, approached me and said they saw what had happened and should they call an ambulance. I said I was OK, but then my mate picked me up and took me to A&E.”

Louis was left badly bruised, with swelling all over his body, and said doctors told him they were surprised he did not suffer worse injuries.

He said: “I went back for my bike about six or seven hours later and it was gone.

“It wasn’t usable, but maybe someone picked it up and sold it for scrap or got the parts from it.”

The incident happened at around 11.05am.

Dorset Police confirmed officers were investigating. Any witnesses should call 101, quoting incident 6:196.