Is 20 plenty? Residents of a Poole residential area are being asked for their views after speed limits were dropped by 10mph.

An extended 20mph speed limit has been operating across Newtown since March, enlarging an area already in place around Branksome Heath Junior and Sylvan Infant schools.

Now Borough of Poole wants to hear the views of people who live, work, drive, ride, walk or cycle in the area to see whether the scheme could be introduced in other parts of Poole.

“The introduction of 20mph zones aims to make streets in densely residential areas safer, quieter, cleaner and more pedestrian friendly,” said Cllr Ian Potter, cabinet portfolio holder for transportation.

“We also hope it encourages more people to make greater use of our streets by walking, cycling, playing or socialising.

“Now that the 20mph zone in Newtown has been up and running for a few months we want to know what people’s experiences are. For instance has there been a difference in how your road is used, have you noticed any benefits to the local environment or is there any less through traffic?

“Everyone’s views are important to us and the feedback will be used to inform proposals to rollout more residential 20mps zones across Poole.”

Ward member Cllr Brian Clements said: “Newtown residents are telling us that 20’s plenty in our area for a long time. People are starting to get used to the new limit and we must encourage more people to do so.

“Our local police have set up a patrol plan to help deal with speeding issues in the area.

“We have also listened to local residents in Rosemary Road and are asking for mini roundabouts to be introduced there to slow traffic and improve safety.

“We hope these changes will make Newtown a more pleasant place to live for both young and old residents.”

The extended zone was introduced in response to requests from residents and includes most of the roads from Ashley Road to Ringwood Road, Herbert Avenue to Churchill Road.

The form is available at until August 13.