YOUNGSTERS in Christchurch schools will be shown an ‘anti-graffiti’ film in a bid to crackdown on the vandalism.

The film, which comes just days after Christchurch police vowed to find the offenders responsible for a recent spate of graffiti, includes interviews with people who have been affected by the crime.

A resident in an older persons housing complex tells how people there are frightened when they see graffiti near their homes as they feel it could lead to more anti-social behaviour.

And there is also an interview with a woman, whose son was arrested for graffiti spraying.

David Barnes, strategic director at Christchurch council, is also interviewed about the cost of clearing-up graffiti which is around £10,000 a year for Christchurch.

And it’s not just residents who are affected by it, with Waitrose in Christchurch forced to remove graffiti on their roof, which cost £1,500.

PCSO Mark Lane from Christchurch Police is also featured describing what happens when offenders are found and arrested and how they could go through restorative justice confronting the people who their actions have affected to explain their motives.

Cllr Bernie Davis, portfolio holder for community at Christchurch council said: “We hope that this film will show youngsters who may be thinking of spraying graffiti the consequences of their actions.

“Graffiti not only makes the areas where it happens look awful but it makes some of more vulnerable residents fearful that more anti-social behaviour will happen.”