A HOTEL built as a future king’s love nest is offering overseas visitors the chance to be treated like royalty.

Langtry Manor in Bournemouth was built in 1877 by the then Prince of Wales as a place he could romance the actress Lillie Langtry.

Langtry and the future Edward VII had an affair lasting nearly three years, during which time she was presented to Queen Victoria.

Now the hotel is looking to attract visitors from the US and Far East with Live Like a King weekends.

It will auction the experience on eBay for upwards of £2,000, but in the meantime it tried out the concept with a couple who won their stay in a radio competition.

Director John Howard said the hotel could offer people a rare chance to stay in a room where a future king once slept.

“The special room we have was specifically built for Edward,” he said.

“It’s been totally restored to the way it would have been at the time. It’s even got special ventilation in the roof so that his cigar smoke didn’t bother people.

“It’s a unique room in a lot of ways so the idea came to us to do a Live Like a King weekend.”

The weekend will include a dedicated butler, the use of a luxury car to take guests to the New Forest or wherever else they would like to go, and an evening as guests of honour at an Edwardian dinner.

“Our plans are not focused as much on England but more internationally to reach people in the United States and the Far East. They can say they really lived in a room that belonged to a king,” said Mr Howard.

Mr Howard said the visit of competition winners Michael and Sylvia Gill had given the hotel the chance to have a ‘dry run’ of the event.

Mr and Mrs Gill wrote to the hotel afterwards, saying: “It was a lovely experience we’ll never forget.”