FIFTY-seven people were caught committing driving offences during a crackdown in North Dorset.

Dorset Police targeted the A350 from Poole to Shaftesbury in a day of action on Wednesday, July 2.

They said the operation was in response to public concern about driving on the route.

The 57 offences included 24 cases of travelling without a seatbelt. All 24 offenders were given a ticket.

Thirteen motorists were caught speeding and those who are not eligible for a driver education programme will have the option of a court hearing or a £100 fine and three penalty points.

Twelve people were caught driving while using a hand-held phone also received tickets, while two drivers were booked for not being in proper control of the vehicle. Another six miscellaneous offences were also spotted.

Brian Austin, operations manager with the force, said: “Dorset Police are concentrating on the fatal five contributory factors in road collisions in Dorset. These are excessive and inappropriate speed, driver distraction such as using a phone while driving, drink or drug driving, careless driving and not wearing a seatbelt.”

Deputy North Dorset Inspector Ken Morgan said: “We are aware of the concerns of local residents regarding the increased traffic along the A350 due to the closure of the C13 and we have taken a robust approach through this ‘no excuse’ day of action to identify and deal positively with road traffic offences on this route.”