A WARNING has been issued to the scores of Dorset charities that are late in filing their annual information to the Charity Commission.

At the time of going to press, 125 charities across the county were overdue in providing details of their accounts and how they have spent their money in the past financial year.

The list includes memorial funds, pre-schools, parish halls and sports clubs. The Charity Commission has warned it will not tolerate any excuses from charities.

Sam Younger, pictured, CEO of the Charity Commission, said: “Not submitting annual documents is a criminal offence and we know that it also damages public trust in charities when generous donations aren’t accounted for.

“The Commission sends numerous reminders and regulatory advice warnings to charities in default.

“We will not tolerate charities that demonstrate contempt for the public they are accountable to by failing to meet reporting requirements and I am urging all overdue charities in Dorset to file now.”

To find out if the charity you support has submitted its annual information on time, go to charity commission.gov.uk.