RESIDENTS of Bournemouth are being invited to take part in a challenge to monitor their food waste.

The council is urging people to sign up for it by visiting its stand at the Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival, which runs until Sunday.

Waste and recycling communications officer Rosie Ryves-Webb, said the council would provide a diary for participants to log their activity and receive advice from experts.

“We are holding a series of workshops and working with Love Food Hate Waste to help participants find ways to make the most of the food they buy,” she added.

“We’re also giving away recipe cards and some items to help participants put their new found knowledge into practice.”

Those wanting to accept the challenge will need to be available for three workshops being held at Bourne-mouth Central Library on the evenings of July 1, 10 and 17.

Cllr Michael Filer, cabinet member for waste, said he will be taking part and thinks everybody has a responsibility to try and reduce the amount of food discarded.

He added: “Recent research suggests that the average household throws away approximately £50 worth of food a month – that’s £600 being scraped directly into the bin each year.

“I would urge all residents with a desire to save money and help the environment to sign up to the challenge, even if they are doing well already.

“You never know what hints and tips you could still pick up from the experts to reduce your waste and increase the money in your pocket.”

To sign up, visit