BROADSTONE residents are incensed that Royal Mail is moving its delivery office to Bournemouth.

Instead of a short trip to Witney Road on Canford Heath to collect undelivered post and parcels, they will have to travel to Winton – a round trip of 6.6 miles.

“There are a lot of elderly people around here who aren’t driving anymore and are using the bus and are going to find it very difficult,” said Jennifer Jefferies of Beacon Road.

Law student Neil McDonald of Ridgeway said: “I often have books delivered which come when I’m at classes. It can be a bit of a nightmare.”

Sally Walls of Beech Close said: “I work hard and I order online. That’s going to affect me twice a week.”

Royal Mail’s letter to customers in the BH18 postcode area was delivered with junk mail and said from Monday June 23 mail delivery operations were being transferred from the Broadstone Delivery office at Witney Road to the Winton office at Poole Lane.

This will affect mail without the correct postage and larger items when no-one is at home, which cannot be left with a neighbour.

Cllr Mike Brooke, who represents the ward on Borough of Poole and runs his own business through mail order said: “I’m taking parcels down there two or three times a week. Every time I go there is someone from Broadstone collecting something.”

He added: “This is going to have a significant impact on the community.” And he questioned why a temporary building could not be kept on the site for Broadstone residents.

Royal Mail’s alternatives are for residents to phone and make arrangements for another free delivery or for a fee of 75p it can be delivered to the local Post Office.

“Payment has been made before it goes into the post box,” said Mrs Jefferies, and questioned why the postman could not drop off undelivered post at Broadstone Post Office.

“We have one of the most popular post offices around,” said Cllr Vikki Slade. “That would help to keep the local post office going.”

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