POOLE Inshore lifeboat launched at 11.30am today to a medical evacuation off Parkstone Yacht club.

Portland coastguard tasked the Poole inshore lifeboat and rescue helicopter to attend to a 7.5 metre yacht with two people on-board; one of them had been taken ill.

The volunteer crew found the vessel heading for Poole Quay, the harbour launch was standing by and a crewman from the launch was on-board the yacht, two lifeboat crew were transferred across and first aid was administered.

The yacht continued under its own steam, while the lifeboat crew radioed ashore to request an ambulance to standby. As they came alongside Poole Quay another crewman was transferred on to the yacht to prepare the mooring lines to come alongside.

The yacht was moored alongside Poole Quay and the casualty was transferred across at Custom House steps to the care of the paramedics into an ambulance, which took him to Poole Hospital.