A MAIN car park in Bournemouth has reopened after travellers set up inside yesterday.

The Bath Road South car park was shut to the public, with security guards at the entrance, most of Saturday and into this morning.

It has now reopened, with one motorhome remaining.

Bournemouth Borough Council leader Cllr John Beesley said on Sunday afternoon that a court order would be sought on Monday morning to evict the remaining vehicle if it is still there.

It is thought that the car park was been closed to stop further traveller vehicles from gaining access.

Security was also set up at other vulnerable sites around the borough, including Kings Park.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said officers were called at 10.18am on Saturday after three vehicles were reported at the car park.

The spokesman said that the council had closed off access to the car park and officers left the scene.

On Friday, three motor homes made camp on the clifftop behind the Bournemouth International Centre and were still there this afternoon.

They had gained access to the private road because of an insecure barrier.

One of that group told the Daily Echo that they planned to continue on to Devon.

The council said that it had begun the legal process to remove them.

Due to the nature of comments being added to this story, the facility has now been closed.