RIDERS are being urged to avoid treacherous ground this summer after a horse was rescued from a bog.

The warning comes just days after the 12-year-old dressage horse lost its footing on uneven terrain near Ibsley, near Ringwood, and became trapped.

The horse and its rider had left a nearby bridle path before the incident took place on Wednesday morning.

Crews from Ringwood, Brockenhurst and Fordingbridge, along with animal rescue specialists, attended to help free the animal in a rescue operation which took several hours.

Jim Green, a rescue specialist and the officer in charge of the incident said: “It was a laborious job, but the end result was a happy one.

“Our animal rescue team, along with three local crews, were able to free the horse from the bog and move it to higher, firmer ground.

"The horse was then helped to its feet and taken back to the stables by its handler. 

“Riders may feel that due to the recent good weather that going across forests and fields will be safe.

"However, given the rainfall experienced earlier this year, many areas are still heavily waterlogged and may be hazardous to horses and their owners.”