AS holiday sites go, there are worse locations.

Three motor homes belonging to Irish travellers have made camp on the clifftop right behind the Bournemouth International Centre.

They gained access to the private road because of an insecure barrier.

One of the travellers, enjoying the morning sunshine overlooking the beach and pier said: “We are over from Ireland for a few days on our holiday.

“It’s a lovely spot here and we are not causing a problem to anyone.

“We’ll probably stay until the weekend and then head off to Torquay and Paignton.”

He added: “The sunset was very nice here last night.”

A spokesman for Bournemouth Borough Council said: “Our council officers are aware of the recent unauthorised encampment on the West Slope behind the BIC. They are doing all they can, taking the necessary legal action to move them on as soon as possible.

“A needs assessment has been carried out and in the meantime, our council officers are visiting the site on a regular basis to monitor the situation.”

Security guards were put in place.

After a lengthy process to try and identify a suitable location for a travellers’ site within Bournemouth, the council has now ruled out this possibility and has instead decided to deter travellers by defending its public open spaces.

In response to a recent Freedom of Information request, the council revealed it paid £33,000 to Insight Security in 2013/14 to bolster defences at Kings Park.

Similar security measures are put in place at Pelhams Park and other potentially vulnerable locations as and when needed.