TEENAGE killer Craig Real is back in court only weeks after being released from prison.

Thug Real, now 21, pictured right, savagely beat to death homeless Big Issue seller Ralph Millward, pictured far right, in Westbourne five years ago after he refused to hand over his tobacco.

He and his accomplices Warren Crago and Jimmy Ayres were found guilty of manslaughter the following year and Real was jailed for four years and nine months.

However, in April this year – just two months after his release from prison – he stole a £250 television from a summer house at the rear of a property in Monkton Crescent, Poole.

He pleaded guilty to burglary at Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court. Prosecutor Heather Jackson said Real was caught after police identified his handprint on the window of the summer house.

In mitigation, Mark Price said Real had been homeless as a condition of his release prevents him being in a house with children, despite the fact that his offences “don’t involve children”.

“He was looking for somewhere to sleep, looking to stay in the summer house,” he said.

“It wasn’t locked. He stayed there and then in the morning he accepts he stole the television as he had no money.”

Real, a father-of-one, is now living with a friend in Herbert Avenue, Poole, although his address was given to the court as in Chelmsford Avenue.

Mr Price said Real, who he said was autistic, had been briefly released from jail before, but after three months something “went wrong” and he was locked up again.

Magistrates released Real on conditional bail for a report to be prepared.

He will be sentenced in court on this latest charge of burglary on June 11.

The slaying

RALPH Millward, 41, was kicked and left for dead close to his pitch at Marks & Spencer in Westbourne, after he refused to give up his tobacco to the trio in 2009.

The attack was described by Judge Guy Boney as “mindless, vicious, extreme and chillingly casual”.

Real, then of Rossmore, Poole, was the eldest of the group at nearly 17.

Judge Boney said he had showed “no remorse at all” after returning to the scene to push a shopping trolley into Mr Millward’s broken body.