DUNCAN CHARLES OLIVER aged 48 of Riverside Court, Caversham, Reading. Admitted between 01/06/2011 and 25/06/2012 at Poole, dishonestly failing to promptly notify Purbeck District Council of a change of circumstances which he knew would affect his entitlement to housing benefit, namely that he failed to disclose that he had changed address. Conditional discharge of 12 months. Costs £85.

THOMAS MICHAEL COOPER aged 20 of Melbury Avenue, Poole. Admitted stealing a box of Fosters Lager, to the value of £8, belonging to Sainsbury Local PLC on 16/04/2014. Committed to prison for four weeks suspended for 12 months. To pay compensation of £8.

JACEK ZIELINSKI aged 38 of Prosperous Street, Poole. Admitted driving a Renault Scenic, Reg No FY55 0JF, on Dear Hay Lane on May 2, 2014, after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in his breath, namely 42mg, exceeded the prescribed limit. Fined £220. To pay victim surcharge of £22. Costs £85. Disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence for 12 months. To be reduced by 90 days if the defendant satisfactorily completes a course approved by the Secretary of State. Licence endorsed.