THE association that helped bring the mighty Red Arrows to Bournemouth years before its successful air festival is hosting a major celebration event this month.

The Bournemouth Red Arrows Association (BRAA) is marking its 20th anniversary with a fun day at Bournemouth Aviation Museum on June 28.

It will be a double celebration, as the Red Arrows themselves are enjoying their 50th anniversary this year.

The team, which is always hugely-anticipated by fans at the annual seafront event, will be performing on all four days of the festival for the first time this year.

On June 28 the aviation museum will host the BRAA event, with attractions including Ferndown Concert Brass, Red Arrows-themed talks, stands, photographic competition, support from Vulcan to the Sky, souvenir opportunities, the chance to win a celebration cake donated by Asda and a mounted limited edition print of Colin van Geffen’s ‘Synchro Cross and Roll Backs’, signed by the Red Arrows and by the artist.

There will also be a bouncy castle and a mini steam traction engine giving trailer rides.

Organisers are also hoping that there might be more to come on the day.

Terry Trevett, chairman of BRAA, pictured above left. said: “Not only will we be acknowledging the links with the Reds, but we will also be looking back on our own good fortunes since we formed BRAA in 1994; when a group of six enthusiasts set out to retain the highly valued connection between the Red Arrows and Bournemouth.

“We achieved our objective and kept it going before the emergence of the hugely successful Bournemouth Air Festival and are delighted that our efforts were well rewarded – we raised substantial funds for deserving causes and to date we have donated more than £200,000 to mainly local charities.”

This year the event will raise cash for the aviation museum and the Jon Egging Trust, which was formed after the Red Arrows pilot lost his life in a crash following a display at Bournemouth in 2011.

The fun day on June 28 runs from 10am to 5pm.