SHE’S still at university but is taking her place as a councillor in Dorset.

At the age of 21 Sarah Manley has been co-opted onto Verwood Town Council.

Born and bred in the town, she went to Hillside and Emmanuel Schools.

A member of Verwood Methodist Church, she is just coming to the end of her degree in Arabic with International Relations at the University of Westminster, London.

Sarah said: “I’ve always been interested in politics, I studied it at A-level and it’s part of my degree.

“It’s an exciting first step if it is the start of something.”

But Sarah said she wasn’t sure if a life-long political career was something for her.

She attended: “I’m not sure yet; I’m just finishing uni and have lots of ideas.

“I’m a true Verwoodian, I was born there and have lived there all my life. All my family and friends are there.

“It’s home and I can’t imagine doing this anywhere else.

“You never know, perhaps it will encourage more young people to get involved.

“I’ve got the time now to dedicate to it. I’m lucky to be going back home to do this.

“I don’t find it odd or weird because everyone is there because they care and want to make a difference and get involved.”

As Sarah joins the council, the town’s 24th Mayor, Cllr Pat Morrow, has been installed. Deputy Mayor is Cllr Sandra Grove, while the Mayor’s escort is Cllr Lucy Clark.

Cllr Peter Richardson has been given a past Mayor’s badge to mark his year as first citizen.