TELECOMMUNICATIONS company 4Com has announced its chosen good cause for its fundraising in the rest of 2014.

It will support Linwood School in Winton in its efforts to raise more than £100,000 for installing three multi-function, multi-sensory outdoor recreation and learning areas.

The project will help 232 pupils aged three to 18 with severe learning and physical disabilities make use of outdoor space.

Linwood School’s current equipment is limited and in need of constant maintenance and is not accessible to all children.

The school cannot afford to improve the outdoor space itself as all its funding goes on the welfare of children and staff inside the school.

4Com aims to wholly sponsor the construction and maintenance of one of the three areas – the outdoor gym and climbing wall, which will cost £24,000.

Fundraising by 4Com will begin with the 4Forty challenge, in which 20 employees will attempt to finish the 42-mile Lyke Wake Walk in under 18 hours on June 6 and 7, with the company pledging to match every pound raised by staff.

Daron Hutt, chairman of 4Com plc, said: “We cannot ignore this project, as it benefits so many children.”

To support 4Com’s efforts, or donate items for a charity auction, visit