Let's face it; we all like nothing better than to have a grumble from time to time. There are some topics however that we seem to like to moan about more than others. 

So without further ado, here are the top ten things us Bournemouth residents like to complain about:

Bournemouth Echo: Traffic queuing to get out of Bournemouth

1. Traffic – Whether its roadworks or an accident or just a mass influx of visitors, it’s fair to say Bournemouth suffers its fair share of major traffic jams. Who remembers the giant queue on the A338 Spur Road last year after a particularly busy weekend in the summer?


Bournemouth Echo: Litter left on Bournemouth beach during last summer's heatwave

2. Litter on the beach – we agree it’s a problem and join others in urging people to take their litter home with them. In fact, let’s try and make sure these scenes aren’t repeated this year. Spare a thought for the poor council workers who have to clear this up and let’s all do our bit.

Bournemouth Echo:

3. Stag and hen dos – large groups of women and men dressed in silly costumes seem to provoke a strong reaction from incensed residents. In fact, such is Bournemouth’s reputation as the hotspot for stag and hen dos, other nearby towns fear it spreading to them. But is people spending money and boosting our night-time economy such a bad thing?

Bournemouth Echo: ON THE PROM: Walkers and cyclists

4. Cyclists on the prom – There is always a small minority who let everyone else down. Cycling is allowed on the prom during winter months, but during the summer to still see cyclists biking up and down the crowded seafront during restricted times seems to frustrate a lot of people.

Bournemouth Echo: Parking meters on Manor Road in Bournemouth

5. Price of parking – “HOW MUCH?” Is the cry you might hear from anguished visitors standing at the parking meters. Why not get the bus, or train, or even better get on your bike – but keep off the seafront!


Bournemouth Echo: ‘DISASTER’: The Waterfront building

6. Imax – even though its gone, it’s the building we all love to hate. And now, it’s been demolished people have had to find something else to moan about.

Bournemouth Echo:

7. Dog mess – We think this is a universal pet hate for people. We live in a beautiful place with glorious beaches, stunning coastline and spotless parks. So please – we know it’s a minority – pick up after your pooch.


Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth Town Hall

8. Councils – it doesn’t matter which one it is – people love to have a pop at councils. But remember, often they do a great job, which goes unnoticed. Have a think about the clear-up work the councils did during the storms or the fantastic Air Festival Bournemouth Council puts on every year.

Bournemouth Echo: Navitus Bay wind farm opponents welcome government subsidy cuts

9. Wind farm – a hot topic which continues to divide local opinion - which side are you on?

Bournemouth Echo: Daily Echo photographer and reader pictures of disruption caused by storms across Dorset in February 2014.

10. Weather – It's always said Britain has an obsession with the weather and here in Bournemouth we're no exception. It’s either too hot/cold/wet/snowy/windy/icy – whatever the weather it will never be right. 

Have we missed something off? let us know in the comments below!