FORMER Bournemouth School for Girls student Olivia Gibbs has been named as the winner of a furniture design competition.

The 21-year-old won the Ikea contest to design a piece of furniture that ‘grows with the child.’ Olivia, who lives in Christchurch, was selected as the winner out of all the second year BA (Hons) Product Design students at Southampton Solent University.

The brief was to design adaptable furniture for a child’s room that could be reconfigured to meet to their needs as they get older.

Olivia’s design used IKEA fabrics and simple fluid shapes to reflect a child’s imagination with the back rest of the chair pivoting and rotating into a working surface area. Olivia said: “I am actually one of seven children and I have always been interested in children’s furniture.

“This award means so much and this recognition has encouraged and motivated me to pursue a career in this area.”

“A desk and chair are key features for young children and combining the two helps with space and provides what they need for their development. As my mum has just had a baby it will be easy to spend my prize - an IKEA gift-card.”

All the designs had to demonstrate quality, style, function and price in-line with IKEA’s democratic design ethos. Alex Scoggins, Acting Local Marketing Manager, IKEA said: “This design Olivia has created is just the sort of wonderful everyday product that fits perfectly with what IKEA represents.

“Olivia also considered safety in the design process while keeping the style clean, simple and slick.”