MURDER accused Alvin Santos confessed to his sister that he had stabbed someone on the night of a 16-year-old student’s death, a court heard.

Santos, 25, is accused of murdering Linda Lietaviete on the evening of December 12, after her body was found in the undergrowth on Horseshoe Common with two stab wounds to the chest.

Winchester Crown Court heard evidence from the defendant’s sister, who made the 999 call that led to the discovery of Miss Lietaviete’s body.

Recorded phone calls between Catherine Santos and the emergency services were played, in which she told them to go to Horseshoe Common.

“Please help the lady there,” she said.

A male voice could be heard in the background apparently giving her directions to pass on to the ambulance crew.

The jury was also shown an excerpt from her police interview shortly after Santos was arrested, in which she appeared extremely distressed.

She told police she had seen her brother enter their Wimborne Road flat late that night, and noticed he had blood on his hand. Under later cross-examination from defence counsel William Mousley she said he “wasn't really with it, wasn't really there” at the time.

He left the flat and returned a short time later, crying and groaning and lying on the floor, she told police. He told her that he had stabbed someone. She said he seemed very drunk.

“He was saying ‘I’m sorry’. I told my brother I'm sorry, but I have to do what is the right thing to do,” she said, before dialling 999.

Under cross-examination, she acknowledged that Santos had been “beaten up” about two years before the incident and she had been told he might have suffered a head injury which needed long-term treatment.

She said after this incident he would suddenly change moods, and sometimes lost his temper.

The court also heard evidence from a 16-year-old friend of the victim, whose identity was protected. She said Santos and Miss Lietaviete had briefly ‘gone out’ for a couple of days, but that the latter – aged 14 at the time – had not wanted to continue the relationship.

Other witnesses included paramedic Charlotte Deville who discovered Miss Lietaviete’s body covered with leaves and partially undressed. She had followed drag marks leading from a pool of blood under the flyover.

Santos denies one count of murder.

The trial continues.