THE mystery of a missing post box in a Christchurch village is no closer to being solved with ongoing confusion about what happened to it.

The red post box in Martins Hill Lane in Burton has been missing for weeks, leading to questions from Burton Parish Council about its whereabouts.

The matter was brought to the parish council’s attention by a resident, who had been told the post box would be replaced “shortly”.

But in an email to Burton Parish Council’s clerk, Trish Jamieson, Royal Mail said the post box had been removed by them but will not be replaced.

They told Cllr Jamieson that the decision was taken due to 18 boxes being stolen in the area recently, with some of the replacements being taken immediately after they were put back.

Frustrated with the lack of information and ongoing confusion, the parish council asked Royal Mail to clarify where the 18 boxes were taken from, as they were not aware of any thefts in the village.

They have not had a response.

In a statement to the Daily Echo, a spokesperson for Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail can confirm that the postbox at Martin’s Hill Lane was stolen. “We would like to apologise to local residents for any inconvenience. “Alternative posting facilities are located at Burton Post Office on Salisbury Road and at Staple Cross.”

Confusingly, they also said they have not made a decision over replacing the box yet.

Chairman of Burton Parish Council, Judy Jamieson said: “It seems rather strange that the parish council have been told one thing and the press another.

“We are concerned that if the Royal Mail is going to remove a post box, no consultation has been done with any of the residents or indeed the parish council.”