ARMED police units were called to an area of Bournemouth on Saturday night after a man was spotted with a gun.

Witnesses reported seeing armed officers and police dogs in the area of Graycot Close.

A police spokesman said a call was made to the force at 5.37pm with reports of man being seen holding a gun outside Northbourne Surgery, Wimborne Road.

A man was located at 6.35pm and the spokesman confirmed that firearms officers attended.

It transpired that it was a ball-bearing gun. A male has been arrested and is helping police with their enquiries.

A police spokesman later added: "A male was seen with what appeared to be a handgun in the Northbourne area of Bournemouth.

"The BB gun did have the appearance of a real firearm and nobody was threatened."

Simon Hanney, who lives in Graycot Close, said: "I saw armed police about an hour ago - they blocked off the end of the road, so no one could come or go for a while.

"But I'm not sure why they were here."

John Messiah, who lives in Wimborne Road, said he had seen officers armed with guns.

"I saw a car at the end of the road [Graycot Close]," he said.

"There were police with guns. They were here for quite a while - about an hour altogether."

One woman approached by the Daily Echo said she couldn't comment as the man involved in the incident was her son.

The woman, who lives in Wimborne Road, said: "I won't talk about it.

"He's my son."