A DISABLED motorsport marshal who lost a leg following a 100mph crash that claimed two lives has set a new world record by driving a mobility scooter the furthest ever distance in 24 hours.

Steve Tarrant, 53, from Poole, completed his record-breaking challenge on Sunday at Chichester’s Goodwood Motor Circuit.

He achieved a world-record distance of 190.2miles (306.1km) by driving through the night and completing more than 1,800 laps of a 167 metre circuit, only stopping briefly for battery changes.

Steve lost a leg to above the knee and suffered multiple injuries in 2000, when a Lotus F1 car driven by John Dawson-Damer collided with him while he marshalled the finishing line at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The driver and another marshal, Andy Carpenter, were killed in the accident.

Speaking after his latest world-record run, Steve said: “This is the second time I have attempted the record and this experience has once again been a test of endurance.

“After now completing the furthest distance ever for the second time, I am done with this world record. In the words of Steve Redgrave, ‘if you ever catch me near one of these things again, shoot me’ – only joking.

“I now intend to focus on continuing to talk, present and educate regarding motorsport and disability, whilst potentially planning a new world record attempt in 2015 – John O’Groats to Land’s End in the shortest time ever.

“I am currently looking for commercial sponsors so I can develop my plans further that ultimately are designed to raise awareness of disability and enhance equality.”

Steve smashed the existing record of 170.63 miles on a TGA Breeze S4 GT mobility scooter.

He also completed the course with purposely-punctured tyres – after driving over a bed of nails on the start line – to demonstrate the effectiveness of TGA’s new sealant system.