LAST week I had the privilege of being invited to visit a leading manufacturer of high integrity O-rings and seals.

They’re based on Ferndown Industrial Estate and have been established for some 40 years or more.

The company is headed by a Mr Timothy Brown, who took over the company from his father as a young graduate and, alone with his team, they have turned the company into what it is today.

The premises are what can only be described as ‘state of the art’. I can tell you I was quite overwhelmed. I felt very proud, having known Tim for many years, to witness first-hand the company he has built. He and his team are an inspiration to all who work hard and have the foresight to strive for future growth.

The whole objective of my visit, along with 40 or more guests – in the presence of the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward – was to have an insight as to what Volunteer Reservists offer in our businesses.

With no doubt, the management team at Superior Seals are leading the way on this front too and they are to be congratulated on their ability to see the value and benefits that Reservists can bring to a business.

I was more than impressed to learn what the Reservist can bring to the workplace.

Not least, the training a Reservist receives would cost an employer thousands of pounds a year to provide, but employees who are Reservist can take advantage of benefits like this at no cost to them or their employer.

Reservists make ideal employees for many organisations. Not only are they likely to be hard-working and committed individuals but also, during the course of their military service, most develop a wide range of transferable skills: skills which can be of direct benefit in their civilian workplace.

They also have a great deal of experience in decision-making, planning and communication – all key areas of competence which employers can capitalise on, no matter what their industry.

The outcome of my visit to Superior Seals has given me a great insight into the many reasons to support Reservists.

Well done to a company which is leading the field in many ways and is also demonstrating the value of our Reservists.