AN injured jet-skier was airlifted to hospital with back injuries on Saturday.

A passing power boat had spotted the jet skier in trouble and raised the alarm, with Poole Inshore RNLI lifeboat tasked to the incident in Poole Harbour around 5pm.

Footage filmed by RNLI

The casualty had been spotted near the first marker buoy in the Swash Channel. Pain relief and first aid were given to the jet-skier by the winch man from the helicopter, who was on the pilot boat.

The casualty was evacuated by moving him onto a ‘scoop’ stretcher before the lifeboat steadily moved out to open water, and the injured man was winched into the helicopter.

He was then taken to Whitecliff landing site, where coastguard officers from Poole had cleared the site and an ambulance was standing by. The casualty was taken to Poole Hospital.

Lifeboat volunteers returned back to the station around 6.15pm.