REBECCA Baldwin, who teaches a Year 6 class, said: “I think the values from ASCENT have made a difference. The children are now much more involved in what they will be learning.”

YEAR 5 teacher John Mather said: “We try to be facilitators so that the children come up with their own ideas and try to prepare them using a very creative approach.”

PARENT Jo Gell, who has two children at the school and another starting soon, said: “It’s got a nice family feel and is very community driven. They have got the balance right.”

ZOE Kirby, who is mother to two pupils at the school, said: “It is a very artistic school and gives the children something to focus on which is not just work related.”

TEN-year-old pupil Anna Edwards said: “It is more like a family than a school. There is a really supportive atmosphere and the teachers are really nice.”

JOSH Coleman, 11, a student in year six, said: “The school makes you strive to be the best. There is a lot of focus on being creative and I feel like that helps me learn.”