CREATIVITY is evident within every corner of Hill View Primary.

The children beam with pride when asked what they learn in classes and the walls are lit up with colourful displays of their work.

The ethos is not on rigid learning structures and learning staid lists of information. Instead the teachers act as facilitators who encourage children to be fascinated in their subjects.

Headteacher Amanda Jones has implemented a philosophy for the school to work by ‘ASCENT’ – aspire, success, community, excellence, nurture and trust.

These five words echo in the ears of everybody in the building.

Amanda says it creates the ideal atmosphere for learning, helping to combine ambition with a happy place to be.

“You have to have something to reach for that children can identify with,” she adds.

“We want children to be creative learners and to be emotionally intelligent too.

“If their friend has had a bad day then we want them to know how to help them.”

Their latest Ofsted report mirrors this, heaping praise on the “stimulating working environment” and the teachers’ ability to encourage the enthusiasm of their students.

However, the emphasis on imagination and promoting kindness does not come at the expense of preparing the children for what comes next.

Amanda is very conscious of the school’s role in readying her pupils for life outside of these contented walls.

“We try to do our utmost to help children with the transition to secondary school.

“From early on we want our children to be independent and responsible for their own learning.”

Hill View is larger than the average primary with 652 pupils on the roll.

This makes the Ofsted report and the schools stress on individuality all the more impressive.

Teacher John Mather does not mince his words when he describes the place as “inspirational”.

He adds: “The children here are not just a number or a piece of data.”


Hill View Primary School, Hill View Road, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth, BH10 5BD.

Telephone: 01202 512813

Email: <&bh"">hillviewprimary@<&eh>

Head teacher: Amanda Jones

Age range: 4–11, mixed

Number of pupils: 652

Ofsted report:

Overall rating: Good

Inspectors said: “Staff consistently question and praise children in a way that deepens their knowledge and extends their ideas and this promotes their learning exceptionally well.

“The headteacher’s highly constructive monitoring of teaching and an effective programme of training have ensured that all teaching is good with an increasing proportion that is outstanding.”