BOROUGH of Poole is seeking a court date to obtain eviction orders on the two unauthorised traveller encampments at Baiter and Hatchard’s Field.

Two separate groups of travellers moved on to the sites on Sunday evening. Currently, both encamp-ments remain.

Peter Haikin, regulatory services manager at Poole council, said: “We have sought a date for a court hearing to obtain an order for the eviction of both encampments at Baiter and Hatchard’s Field, pictured.

“A court date is anticipated later this week or early next week and, if successful, could result in the travellers leaving the site the following day.”

Meanwhile, responding to criticism from Alderney ward councillor Tony Trent – who said the travellers accessed the Hatchard’s Field site because one of the wooden stumped ‘dragon’s teeth’ had rotted, Mr Haikin said the council was aware several stumps are in poor condition.

Mr Haikin added: “We will be carrying out repairs or replacement in due course.

“Our current focus is on improving protection of the six priority open spaces and parks in Poole that were agreed by council in April.”

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