POLICE are investigating after yobs smashed the back windows of cars parked outside homes in a Bournemouth street.

Nothing was taken during the incidents in Canford Avenue, raising concerns of ‘vandalism for vandalism’s sake’.

Among the cars targeted in the overnight spree was a brand new Nissan Note, bought less than a month ago.

Owner Stuart Cummings said: “My fiancée found it this morning as she was on her way to work.

“We’ve had it for about three weeks, so it’s really frustrating.

“We’ve not had any trouble before with cars, but three bikes have been stolen from us – two on one occasion, one on another. We’ve only been living here for 18 months.”

Stuart’s fiancée, who didn’t want to be named, said: “It’s actually cost us, because although the insurance will cover it, we’ve still got to pay the excess, and I’ve had to take the day off work to get everything sorted.

“We didn’t hear anything at all – the first I knew about it was at 7am when I was trying to get to work. I’m really hoping that there will be CCTV footage from the Wallisdown Liberal Club – one of their cameras points in the direction of the car.”

A second vehicle involved in the incident belongs to a student living in a nearby house.

She said: “The first I’d heard about it was when someone came and knocked on the door to tell me it had happened.

“Nothing was taken, but the back window was completely shattered.”

Alan Roberts, of Ensbury Park, called the police yesterday morning after spotting the Nissan.

He then saw the student’s Citroen, which was on the street. He said: “There was glass all over the road, and the window was smashed in.

“It does make you wonder, because nothing was taken from these cars. You can see there are things in the student’s car still. It just seems like vandalism for its own sake.”

Dorset Police are investigating the incidents and ask anyone with information to call 101, or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.