THE PLANS for a new stadium to house both Poole Town and Poole Pirates speedway team have been unveiled to the public.

Named the Stadium of Colour, the venue will feature a football pitch and speedway track with seating for up to 10,000 people, nearly 500 apartments, restaurants, bars and shops, and around 800 parking spaces.

Floor plans and a CGI image of how the stadium could look were put on display by former AFC Bournemouth chairman, Eddie Mitchell, at his Sevens Boat Shed restaurant in Poole Park on Saturday.

Mr Mitchell, who is behind the plans, hopes that Poole residents will feel positively about his vision, which would be built on the current site of Poole Pirates’ home, off Wimborne Road.

He said: “The plans are very flexible. It’s just my vision of what can happen. The sole principle of my demonstrating what can happen is to be able to show that the stadium can be developed.

“It can house football, and speedway which is still based at the stadium. Unfortunately, the football was lost from the stadium in the 90s, and I’m determined to try and get it back.”

Mr Mitchell also said that the greyhound racing has not been incorporated into his vision, as it is a somewhat controversial sport and was the last thing to be added to the current Poole Stadium.

He went on to say that the Stadium of Colour would also provide a space for concerts and other potential open-air events, and overall could generate a revenue of £100million ‘from the magnitude of the scheme, if it gets off the ground’.

Cllr Judy Butt, ward councillor for Creekmoor and supporter of Poole Town FC, said: “The name, Stadium of Colour, really suggests what it is for. It offers a wide palette of provision.

“This is a really important stage because it is about the engagement process.

“All these stakeholders and our residents were asked to come along, have a look and give us their opinions because it drives the finished product.”